Robyn Griggs star of 'Another World' Passed Away! she dies at the little age of 49.

Robyn Griggs, the actress renowned for 'Another World' and 'One Life to Live', died at the age of 49.

On Saturday, August 13, the actress's death was reported on her Facebook page.

Someone close to the actress commented on her Facebook page. "However, she is no longer in pain and would like us to remember that, as well as the positive memories."

Robyn, who went by the name Robyn Griggs Wiley in recent years, documented her journey with cervical cancer, which eventually led to her death, on the same site.

"She wanted to help people and share the word about her experience to do so," according to the notice.

RIP dear buddy, I love you and smile every time I think about you, said the individual who posted the news on her Facebook profile.

Griggs, who was born in 1973, began her career in children's theatre before appearing on Nickelodeon's defunct series Rated K.

Griggs' appearances on both programmes took place between 1991 and 1995, making them her final big television performances.

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